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Coverage Checker

The map below shows when Better Broadband is due to arrive in your area. This map demonstrates approximately where each area falls within the rollout timetable for Suffolk. This information is subject to change and alteration and is also subject to planning, survey and design completion.

The programme began in 2012/13, when only around 50% of premises in Suffolk had access to Superfast Broadband. By September 2015, the first tranche of upgrades was completed, raising coverage to around 85%. In October 2014, further funding was committed to get to around 97% of premises by 2018/19, and again in June 2017 to get to around 98% by 2020. In addition, an “infill” scheme to offer anyone getting less than 2Mbps an interim basic solution is also offered. More information on this scheme can be found here.

When zoomed out, the map shows a generalised parish view of the predominant status for your parish. As broadband networks do not follow parish boundaries, it is likely that there is wide variation within the parish, so as you zoom in or enter your detail, the picture switches to show a breakdown for your area at postcode level.

To get started, please enter your postcode in the box below to navigate to your area on the map. If you don’t know your postcode, you can navigate to your area using the map.

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Please note that that not all premises in your postcode will necessarily be served at the same time. At this stage, no further details about coverage in your area can or should be inferred from this map.


Data correct as of 31st December 2017

Interpreting Our Map

Areas shown as green on the map are already benefitting from existing fibre broadband services, based on existing commercial coverage as well as the ~136,000 premises upgraded under our programme.

Areas shown in blue on the map are targeted for fibre broadband upgrades by end of June 2018, please note that in some cases, not all premises within these postcodes will be updated at that time.

Areas shown as orange have currently partly or no coverage. Please check with your provider if you can upgrade already; otherwise these areas are being planned for upgrades between 2018 and 2021. When plans are released, the website will be updated to reflect this.

If there are existing or planned services in your area, you can enter your phone number into the Openreach line checker in the results box above the map, which will give you a speed and date.

Please Note

Information on rollout will only be updated quite close to the “go live” date. This is because new areas of availability have to be released to all internet service providers on an equivalent basis and that's why new areas are only announced as part of this national process when they go live.

Also, engineering plans and delivery timescales do depend on factors such as planning applications, the provision of electricity to the new roadside cabinets and even the good old British weather. In Suffolk, the engineering team will be aiming to shorten the normal delivery timescales for new Superfast Broadband coverage, but we can only announce new areas once they are confirmed as live.

Rest assured that we completed the first contract ahead of schedule, and will push the fibre rollout on as swiftly as possible, and we will update the website as plans evolve and develop. If broadband is not available in your postcode where our website suggests it should be, please get in touch.