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How to get online

The first step to getting online is to check that your house can access broadband.  You can do this by using the “where and when” section of the Superfast Suffolk website. 

Once you have confirmed that you can get a service, it is time to choose the right broadband deal for you.  With the Better Broadband for Suffolk Programme, we are building a wholesale network.  This means that you can select from many retail service providers, and find the package that is right for you.  Some of these include bundles where you get phone, broadband and TV all for a fixed monthly fee.  There are various comparison sites available; however we can suggest visiting www.uswitch.com to check the rates for you.

Once you have signed up, your retail service provider will arrange for an installation of your connection, and probably provide you with a wireless router, so you can access your internet via an Ethernet cable, or via roaming wirelessly around your house and garden.

Of course, you will also need a device on which to use your internet connection.  More and more people will be able to access the internet via their smart phones and tablet computers, however it is worth shopping around for the best deals, which is also the case for more traditional devices such as PCs and laptops.

If you require help and asisstance with simple tasks, some helpful guides can be found by by clicking here.  These include things like surfing the web, using email, saving money online and even making calls on Skype.

If you are struggling with your connection, this Self Help Guide from Ofcom may help.