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Broadband and public services

Superfast broadband in Suffolk will enable a shift in the range of ways which customers can access public services.  We are keen to provide information about services to ensure that everyone can find the services they need quickly and easily.  This is much more than simply putting services online, it is also about delivering a trusted way of checking the quality and value of the services on offer.

Broadband is already at the heart of many of Suffolk’s plans for delivering better learning, better care, better policing, a better environment, and better communities. We have a number of existing initiatives already delivered over the Internet, which consumers will only be able to fully use in parts of the county with adequate broadband speeds. Superfast Broadband will help to increase take-up of these online services, which in turn will help to drive the delivery of more services online:

Better Learning – building on SCC’s 10 year programme to broadband-enable all schools in Suffolk, we now need to ensure universal broadband access in homes, so that all pupils can continue to access learning resources outside school, to improve their educational attainment level and to help to develop their digital literacy and life skills.  We can also make the relationship with teachers, staff and pupils far more dynamic and engaging.

Better Care – as Suffolk embraces the well published increase in the older sections of the population, the use of telecare (remote monitoring, diagnostics, medication reminders, etc, in people’s homes, GP surgeries, etc will enable people to stay in their homes longer, while receiving the help and care they need online, while improving their quality of life.

Better Policing – the rapid co-ordination of emergency services and on-the-scene access to vital information, to improve safety of life, to help to detect and prevent crime, and to engage with the community.

Better Environment – the ability to communicate, do business, be entertained and buy online will reduce unnecessary travel, and help to deliver a greener environment.

Better Communities – Suffolk has a wealth of communities in the many market towns and villages across the county, each of which has differing needs.
Suffolk’s vision is to empower each community to design the services it needs, rather than for the public sector to deliver a uniform service across the whole county. High-speed broadband will support local community groups, social enterprises, and parish and town councils, to take on, and transform, services according to their local community needs.