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The Better Broadband for Suffolk Programme is a pioneering programme to bring better broadband to all of Suffolk, and ensure that the benefits are maximised by businesses, households and service delivery organisations.

The programme is funded by the Suffolk County Council, The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), BT and other local councils.  The Better Broadband for Suffolk is building a brand new superfast broadband network. This will have the power to transform the life, work and play of each and every one of the half a million people living and working in Suffolk. What's more, superfast broadband will boost the economy of Suffolk, enabling businesses to work more effectively in new ways and potentially reach out to new customers worldwide.

This is a massive undertaking. We will bring fibre based superfast broadband to over 98% of Suffolk by the end of 2020, and for those premises beyond the fibre footprint we are committed to improving speeds using alternative technologies.

The Better Broadband for Suffolk Programme was one of the first countywide programmes to proceed under the DCMS broadband programme, and will be completed during 2019.

The initial upgrade scheme was completed by September 2015, resulting in around 85% fibre coverage to Suffolk, a significant step towards our overall goal of 100% coverage by 2020.

Contact us at broadband@suffolk.gov.uk