Our journey

The Better Broadband for Suffolk (BB4S) programme started in 2010, when at that point there had been several commercial broadband upgrades in Suffolk. 

However, these services were generally constrained to Suffolk’s urban areas, and there wasn’t a commercial business case for upgrades for around a half of Suffolk - and this is where BB4S started from.

Better Broadband for Suffolk funding




The BB4S Programme receives public funding to make fibre broadband available
in areas
that are not expected to be covered by commercial upgrades.

The funding is from:




Openreach are contracted to deliver the work.

Although challenged by the rurality of Suffolk, we have consistently been in the lead among other counties in the extent of our contracted deployment plans, progress on roll-out, and levels of take-up.


Achieved 92% coverage now Achieved 85% coverage during 2015  Achieved 50% coverage during 2013


Under the government’s "Superfast Extension Programme", we now have a contract in place for Openreach to extend fibre broadband coverage to 98% of all Suffolk premises by 2020. Beyond this, we are committed to reaching 100% superfast broadband coverage in Suffolk as quickly as possible.


Better Broadband for Suffolk partners